By Julia del Rivero

A green color palette has become an unstoppable trend for chic weddings, incorporating lots of greenery and natural elements to the aesthetic of the celebration. But if green colors don’t suit your taste, try some Earth Day-inspired green planning! There are a lot of options to keep the earth and the environment in mind as you do your wedding planning. Making ecologically responsible wedding choices has never been easier than it is today. The modern bride has a multitude of resources with which to stay informed on environmentally friendly practices for her special day, which is great because never has our environment had so much at stake. Our changing climate can be a complex and confusing phenomenon, but simple adjustments to everyday decisions will go a long way in ensuring we all get to live on a happy and healthy Earth. In honor of Earth day, consider a few options in making your wedding planning a little greener.


A Venue in Good Nature

Are you planning a gorgeous rooftop wedding? Or perhaps a more natural ceremony in Audubon Park? If so, congrats! You have already made a great, green step towards an eco-friendly wedding. Outdoor venues can cut down significantly on energy usage by taking full advantage of the sun’s natural lighting. Also, an open air will conserve energy by not requiring any air conditioning – not to mention that no thermostat can compete with a beautiful, temperate day and a gentle breeze. It requires timing and luck to pull off a great outdoor wedding in the weather’s good graces, but the payoff is well worth it, both for you and the environment.

Be Vocal About Eating Local

Most people are aware that they can reduce fuel emissions by carpooling or opting for non-fuel dependent modes of transportation for their commute, but few people consider the ecological impact of their food’s transit. Something as simple as selecting a caterer that uses local food suppliers can make a significant difference in your wedding’s carbon footprint by reducing the distance and amount of fuel required for delivery, especially if the food is sourced from a small business. In New Orleans, eating local is easy enough to do. The region is blessed to have the bounty of the gulf, as well as a large agricultural community within the state. Your delicious reception meal will taste all the better with the knowledge that it was made with the Earth in mind.

Look Cool While Saving Fuel

For people that enjoy thinking outside the box, consider venturing away from traditional forms of transportation for your wedding day. Limousines and luxury cars may be stylish and glamorous, but green rides can offer all the class and style along with an added element of whimsy. Who could forget Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson’s charming bike ride to the chapel at New Orleans’ own Marigny Opera House? The couple looked stunning as they breezed through the streets of the French Quarter and seemed to be having a blast in the process. However, riding a bicycle might be a challenge for brides wearing conventional gowns, so pedicabs are also an option to look into for a fun, gas emission-free arrival to your wedding that will spare your dress.

Start at the Root

In terms of making your wedding as green as can be, most of the leg work can be done simply by carefully selecting which companies you work with. A minimal amount of investigation can reveal if the business’ practices are kind to the environment or if they cause more harm than good. Check if the hotel hosting your guests has opted to use sustainable construction materials or has invested in an efficient waste management system. Any initiatives of the like can go a long way and demonstrate that the company’s environmental ethics are sure and sound, even if the efforts are on a smaller scale. For your planning, using Ecosia, a search engine that uses ad revenue to plant trees, as a homepage or employing the services of PrintReleaf, a company that gauges one’s use of paper, calculates how many trees went into that paper footprint, and helps reforest the respective amount are great ways to show green support for your special day.


Julia del Rivero is a New Orleans-based writer and a lover of candy, catnaps, and all things Crescent City.