By Julia del Rivero

Leaving has never been easier!  While New Orleans is truly a destination of its own, The Louis Armstrong International Airport has added some fantastic non-stop destinations that can make your romantic vacation easier than ever. So whether you are newly engaged, booking your honeymoon, or just trying to escape the heat, there are plenty of non-stop destinations to choose from. And if flying is not your cup of tea, there are also some easy methods to get out of town by land and by sea. No matter which mode of travel you favor, the possibilities of a romantic getaway from the Crescent City are abundant and easy to execute.

Lovers of Culture: London

London River Thames non-stop destinations

                                                                                                                                              Engel Ching/Shutterstock

If you love New Orleans for its history, music, and cuisine, London may be a top contender for your travel plans. Music buffs can explore the birthplace of punk. History fans can visit some of the finest museums in the world – a fair number of which offer free admission. Foodies can dine at Michelin starred eateries or local hotspots alike and savor every flavor.

No matter the motive for your travel, transatlantic flights to the UK are now available at MSY. The newly premiered flight that connects New Orleans to London Heathrow four times a week makes a European honeymoon all the more accessible for Crescent City couples. The flight is just short of nine hours, which is perfect for an overnight commute, especially if you have the privilege of travelling business class. (You’re going to want to save your miles for this very occasion.)  Tickets from Louis Armstrong to London Heathrow start at just under $1,800.

Fans of Fests: Frankfurt

Justitia Statue Frankfurt Old Town Square Romerberg


New Orleans and Germany are certainly famed for two very different lifestyles. While Germany is notorious for streamlined efficiency in nearly all aspects of life, the Big Easy embraces a “laissez faire” approach to just about everything. But the beauty of global travel is that it proves no matter the contrast and the culture shock, at the end of the day people everywhere can come together to bond over common interests. A great common interest to bond over? Beer.

While the largest and most reputable Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Frankfurt also puts on its own Frankfurter Oktoberfest. The smaller rendition of the Volksfest extravaganza is a wonderful opportunity to take part in a celebration of global caliber while also going about it the way the locals would, steering clear of tourist-overrun Munich.

The Condor flights from New Orleans to Frankfurt only run seasonally from May 17th through September 27th, but luckily that leaves a decent window of time for Nola jetsetters to fly to Deutschland just after the festivities begin in mid-September. Economy seats start as low as $330.

Big City Bound: New York City

Times Square NYC New York City

“Times Square, NYC” by MK Feeney (CC BY-SA 2.0)

New Orleans may not be as metropolitan or as big as NYC, but in terms of bustle, both cities know a thing or two about always having something going on. For couples looking to get their fill of culture and nightlife, consider traveling from the Big Easy to the Big Apple.

New Orleans boasts three different airlines with non-stop flights to New York. Delta, Jet Blue and United all have non-stop flights from New Orleans, but other airlines offer flights with connections. For less than $400, you can book a round-trip, non-stop flight to NYC and be there in about three hours.

Train travel can offer some of the old-world glamour of yesteryear’s transit (especially if you spring for your own Sleeping Car) and also allow the opportunity to see the scenic countryside from a closer perspective than the cold, small window of a Boeing 737. With service from New Orleans to New York City, Amtrak’s Crescent train gives travelers a unique insight to the beauty and heritage of the American South. Passengers can enjoy intimate glimpses of what lies in their own back yard as the train stops in locations such as Atlanta or Charlottesville. Travel direct from the NOL to New York’s Penn Station. Coach seats start at only $130.

Caribbean Cruisers: Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Cozumel

Dominican Republic DR vacation

The Dominican Republic . “Bayahibe” by Reinhard Link (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If you are looking for a beach destination, it’s easier than ever to get to the Caribbean.  Nothing says relaxation like a couple of lazy days on the beach with drinks in hand and your newly betrothed by your side. For newlyweds that are looking towards the Caribbean for their getaway destination, the Dominican Republic and Cancun are a short hop away.  Swift Air offer seasonal flights from New Orleans with reasonable fares.  Direct flights to Cancun are offered from May through mid-June, while non-stop flights to Punta Cana fly from May through the end of July.

And if flying is something you’d rather avoid, getting to Mexico is still easy breezy. A favorite destination is Cozumel, a city that is great for adventurers and beach bums alike.  It caters heavily to tourists, so any concerns you may have about your visit are likely ready to be met with a solution.

One of the best ways to travel to Cozumel is by cruise. After ages of planning every last detail for the wedding and reception, not everyone wants to spend more time slaving over their honeymoon itinerary. This is where the all-inclusive packages cruise lines offer really shine. They ensure that not an ounce of relaxation is spared.  Decision-making, planning, or mapping out schedules can be nearly eliminated, allowing you and your partner just make some memories and enjoy your new state of marital bliss. With four cruise lines to choose from, and an array of Caribbean destinations to consider, kicking off the newlywed celebration on the high seas is a tempting option. Interior cabins four a four-night cruise to Cozumel start at $249.

Cozumel Mexico cruise

Cozumel, Mexico. Photo by Edsel Little (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Julia del Rivero is a New Orleans-based writer and a lover of candy, catnaps, and all things Crescent City.