Featured Couple Submission Guidelines

If you won our Featured Couple contest on Facebook, congratulations! We really appreciate your interest in our magazine and all the effort it took for you to win the contest.

Now that you and your fiancé are our Featured Couple, you should have received an email from us with a questionnaire. Please complete that and email it back to us at contact@weddingguidenola.com.

Then, we also need you to complete the information below:


  1. Please submit 15-30 high resolution, 300 dpi or higher, images from your professional Engagement Photoshoot to us in a Dropbox or WeTransfer file to contact@weddingguidenola.comPlease note that we can only feature professional, high-quality digital images (300DPI or greater). (Anything less would produce sub-standard results in print).
  1. Complete and sign the Model Release form. Both of you must sign.
  2. Have your engagement photographer complete and sign the included Photography License form.
  3. Return a scanned copy or a photo of your executed Real Wedding Model Release and Photographer’s Release by email to: contact@weddingguidenola.com.

Please note that we require exclusivity and are unable to feature weddings or engagement photographs that have already been published in other magazines, websites, or blogs, other than your photographer’s website.

Materials may also be mailed to:

Wedding Guide New Orleans
Attn: Real Weddings
4820 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70115