By Wedding Guide – Brought to You by Loyes Diamonds

Organizing a wedding is a big undertaking, but (of course) it’s immensely enjoyable as you build the excitement towards your big day. In saying that though, it does deliver a degree of pressure to get things right, so any help from experts along the way is fantastic. Couples can do extensive research online into building the wedding celebration of their dreams and with so many planning tools, it is useful to get organized in time.

Many people like to choose a specific theme for their wedding; this might be based on a color, around a specific flower, or just an overall theme like a vintage-styled wedding.

A theme can be as strict or as loose as the couple wishes to have it. Many couples like to include their chosen theme right through from the ceremony to the reception. A couple may, for example, have themed flowers and decorations at the church or civil ceremony, while having similar colors on the wedding cake, the bridesmaids, flower girls, and so on.  However, looser themes work well too. Simply knowing what flowers are in season around the time that you get married will  be less expensive than shipping in out-of-season choices, and it’s more of an environmentally friendly choice too.

Men can be thematic, too, with colored ties, bow ties, suit linings, or waistcoats. Some men like to add a punch of color in their socks! Mother of the Bride or Groom or both can also get involved by wearing outfits featuring strong colors of the season (of course it’s important that they don’t clash, so keep the lines of communication open).

The best thing to do when in the planning stage of your wedding, and especially when trying to find a theme, is to take your time. Make notes of what you like. Create a Pinterest board (if you don’t already have one) and pin everything that catches your eye. You will soon see a pattern beginning to emerge.

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of wedding planning, but try to keep your budget in check! As tempting as it may be, try not to go over the top with a theme. Subtle inflections of a theme sometimes work better than too many gimmicky additions, so take a step back at times and reflect to make sure you are keeping it classy! Most of all it’s important that both of you are happy with the theme, and that it’s not just one person’s ideologies.

The people at Loyes Diamonds have put together an infographic which details many suggestions in relation to wedding themes for all times of the year. It indicates what flowers are in season for Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn; it suggests some nice complementary thematic colors for each season; it suggests a fun seasonal cocktail for each time of the year and it also delivers some ideas for unique wedding decorations related to each season. Check the full infographic out below and get planning!

wedding themes by season