Wedding Guide spoke with Taylor Gausman about her life alongside her husband, Major League Baseball player Kevin Gausman, and their fabulous 2016 Nottoway Plantation wedding.

Written by Saleha Mehr and Tracey Sgambato
Photographed by North Photography and HD Videography

Today, Kevin Gausman is a Major League Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher.  But in 2010, he was an LSU baseball player from Denver who met and quickly fell in love with a studious and beautiful cheerleader named Taylor North.  The two met on campus while sharing a class, and being a part of the same LSU athletic social circle, they soon fell in love.

Two short years later, Kevin had been named preseason All-American for several months already, so it was no surprise in the Summer of 2012 when the Baltimore Orioles selected him as a first round draft pick.  All his hard work – the intense workouts, the late night practices and away games, the personal sacrifices, had paid off.  But this career-high presented some challenges for his relationship with Taylor.  As Kevin left college early, so began a long-distance relationship that continued until after Taylor graduated from LSU in December 2014.

It was in 2015, that Kevin invited Taylor to Sarasota, Florida, where he was completing his training, to celebrate her birthday. Kevin took Taylor to her favorite restaurant, Beach Bistro. After a romantic dinner for two, the couple made their way down to the beach for an early evening stroll. There, as the sun met the horizon and the sky radiated hues of orange and pink, Kevin got down on one knee and proposed.  Taylor was taken by surprise, but quickly said “Yes!”  It was a picture perfect moment.

Taylor said that she began the wedding planning process right away, setting the date 18 months from the proposal. “It’s such a fun process and something you only do once. You want to make sure it’s exactly how you have imagined it. I knew I wanted our wedding to be classy, elegant, with ivory florals and hints of greenery throughout,” said Taylor.

Finally, last December, Kevin waited patiently with the minister in front of 300 guests, as Taylor, dressed in a lace Watters sheath gown, walked with her father under the Nottoway Plantation oak trees to join him. Taylor wistfully remembers that walk down the aisle as being particularly special and memorable to her. “My father had just gone through an unexpected and very intense heart surgery a month before our wedding day. So being able to have him walk me down the aisle, looking towards Kevin, who was full of emotions himself, it was just an amazing moment,” recalls Taylor.

After a beautiful and touching ceremony, the reception was held in the plantation’s Grand Pavilion and Randolph Ballroom. To pay homage to Taylor’s Southern roots, guests were served, among other things, chicken and sausage gumbo and Cajun white sauce pasta. For dessert, Gambino’s Bakery created a four-tiered ivory cake incorporating Taylor’s color theme with touches of greenery wrapped around each ivory layer. Kevin, Taylor, and guests rocked the dance floor with music from The Rewind Band and DJ Bobby Novasad. “I absolutely loved just being able to dance and have a great time with all of our friends,” said Taylor.

After their gorgeous wedding, Taylor and Kevin’s honeymoon was equally fabulous. The couple flew to Bora Bora. “Our honeymoon was amazing! At first we were reluctant to choose Bora Bora because it was monsoon season, but we wanted to go all-out for our honeymoon. We took a chance and we were so happy we did!” said Taylor.  She recommends it as the ideal location “to relax and unwind.”  The crowds were small, the weather was great, and the couple enjoyed deep-sea fishing, jet skiing, ATV tours and even wakeboarding.  “Kevin tried wakeboarding for the first time. I think he was a little upset at how he couldn’t get it as fast as I did. He always claims to be the athlete in the family, and I showed him up on that,” laughs Taylor.

The couple currently splits their time between Baton Rogue, the city where they met and own a home, Sarasota, Florida, where Kevin trains, and Baltimore, the home of the Orioles.  They lease an incredible apartment there with panoramic views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  “We’re all over the place,” laughs Taylor.  She says that one of the biggest things she misses when she isn’t in Louisiana is the food. “I also miss having family and friends around, but the group of baseball wives that I have around me are amazing,” Taylor says of her new life.

When asked what it’s like being married, Taylor said that she enjoys “just being married in general and being able to tell everyone that ‘this is my husband’ or that we share a last name.”  She says that it has really created a “different bond than we had before.”  She explained that “just… sharing a last name and becoming a family of our own…you can just kind of tell that it makes a difference in our day-to-day lives.” She says that now they just look at each other and interact with each other a little differently.

Reflecting on being the wife of a professional baseball player, Taylor says, “It’s a fast-paced, exciting life. You never really know what you’re going to get week-to-week, just because the players are gone every other week.”  She says, “It’s fun to experience all this together.” Taylor admits that it does have its challenges and that it is the wives who lift the players up “after a game loss or if they are homesick.” It can sometimes be hard for players to transition from week to week, Taylor explained. “One week they’re on their own in big cities, living in hotels, eating room service. And then the next week, they’re at home with their families, trying to spend as much time as they can for the few hours,” she said.  Summing up her new life, Taylor says, “It’s really nice to have each other to fall back on, especially in this crazy world of baseball life.

When asked about the possibility of future little ones, Taylor says, “It’s actually a hot topic. There are a ton of kids on the team, anywhere from newborns to three-year-olds running around all the time. So we see that and we’re completely 100% on board with having a baby yesterday. But being long distance for so long, Kevin and I know that we need to take time for ourselves and just be together.”

In the meantime, the couple just recently launched a new program in Baltimore called “Tails with Tales,” to pair shelter pets with children to help give the youth confidence in reading, while promoting social interaction for the adoptable pets.

We certainly wish Kevin and Taylor the very best with all their new endeavors and upcoming First Anniversary.  We’ll also be cheering on the Baltimore Orioles! Go O’s!