Is the stress of planning your wedding wreaking havoc on your skin, or perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed on how to maintain a fresh face throughout a humid summer day? Worry not! We asked Kayla Flot, the owner of Glam & Gleaux, LLC, the best ways to keep your skin and makeup looking and feeling its best! Here’s her sage advice:

1.  Understand That Less is More

Lightweight foundations & tinted moisturizers are ideal in the summer.

(*Tip- To save money add a small amount of your favorite moisturizer to a foundation you own to customize the coverage you desire.)

2.  Make it Last

For long-lasting makeup, use setting sprays such as, my favorite, “Make Up Forever Mist & Fix.” It creates a sweat-proof barrier for fresh looking makeup that will last all day.

(*Tip- When using liquid or cream foundation, mix foundation and a few pumps of the spray on the back of your hand then apply to face. This creates a sweat-proof foundation.)

 3.  Fill in your Lips

Filling in your lips entirely with your choice of a waterproof lip liner will ensure the longevity of the lipstick you put on top, acting like a primer.

4. Frame your Face!

Consistently maintaining your brows by getting them waxed/threaded by a professional or filling them in with brow products will ensure a defined appearance.

5. Start a Skincare Regimen

Making sure you build a routine that fits your daily life. Cleanse in the morning along with applying a moisturizer/SPF for your skin type. Cleanse twice at night: first to remove dirt, oil, and makeup; second to thoroughly cleanse following with serum/moisturizer.

6. Carry Essentials

Carry blotting papers in your purse to remove excess oil instead of adding extra powder, which makes skin look cakey.

7. Gleaux in Confidence!

Instead of powder highlights try using creams or liquids for a more natural look.

(*Tip- Apply on points of the face to reduce a dull appearance.)

8. Waterproof It!

Waterproof mascara is always a must in the summertime. My favorite is “Too Faced, Better Than Sex.”

(*Tip- To ensure an even coat & mess free application, use something like an index card to hold behind the lashes while applying the mascara. Works perfectly!)

 9. Exfoliate

Use an exfoliant designed for your skin type 2-3 times a week for glowing smooth skin. Exfoliating removes dead dulling skin preventing congested pores, and also allows serums & moisturizer to penetrate deeper into skin.

10. Brighten Up!

Have fun with bold colors on your lips. Now is the time to show off your fierce side. My favorite is NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the color “Dragon Girl.”





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Kayla Flot, the owner of Glam & Gleaux, LLC. is a Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician. Her expertise and passion in the beauty industry goes way beyond just performing services, she truly enjoys educating and building relationships with all of her clients. Kayla continues to pay close attention to all the latest makeup trends, products, and techniques to ensure that her clients get the best quality service at all times.