By Nadia Ramadan
Photo Credit: Main Photo by George Del Barrio, via The Vanderbilt Republic


Green with Envy

Photo by Alexei Zatevakhin/Shutterstock

Selecting wedding colors will be one of the more important decisions a couple must make when planning for their big day; color ultimately dictates the style and mood of the celebration. Fortunately for you, color-trend forecasters at the Pantone Color Institute make choosing wedding colors a much less daunting task by naming their 2017 color of the year – Greenery! Pantone describes their new choice as “a refreshing and revitalizing shade- Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings,” perfect for your summer wedding! Pair this vivid green with a blush pink and crisp white to create a romantic, fresh color pallet.


Artistic Blooms

The Heritage Pointe, via

Add a touch of whimsy by decorating your reception with stunning handmade flowers created by artist Carlton Scott Sturgill. From a distance, guests will assume you have ordered real flowers. Once they get closer they discover that the flowers are made from fabric and only the most curious viewers among your wedding guests will discover Polo ponies hidden on petals and leaves, exposing the true medium of the work: Ralph Lauren button down shirts. Sturgill’ s floral work can be ordered in custom colors to coordinate with any setting.


Fabulous First impressions

Why have an ordinary entrance at your wedding reception when you can have an extraordinary

Photo by Beno Wibowo, via Flickr

one? However grand or nondescript you would want your wedding to be, the entrance to your event should make a huge impact on your guests. Create a dramatic draped entryway out of flowy fabric to greet guests as they walk in. Draping can also be used to break up a large room into individual spaces and create a more intimate feel.


Fantastic Ferns

How absolutely Southern and striking are fern bouquets and centerpieces? This low-cost and yet high-impact plant is a Southern wedding ‘ must-have.’ It will make a gorgeous accent in your centerpieces or can also be striking on their own. If your reception space has tall ceilings, create elegant centerpieces by elevating fern arrangements on tall metallic pedestals. For even more drama, consider incorporating a canopy of greenery that hangs high above guests’ heads.

Dessert Décor

Macaroon tree by Sucré,

Whether you are a fan of traditional cakes or are just obsessed with a French pastries, your wedding dessert is the perfect opportunity to add another design element to your wedding day. These elegant Macaron Trees are not only delicious, but also a work of art! Perhaps best of all, the Macaron Tree is fully customizable with a vast variety of sizes, flavor, and color combinations to match your specific wedding décor and taste.







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