Why New Orleans ?

New Orleans is a city that invites you to walk its vibrant streets, explore its rich history and to dance and dine your worries away. Travelers journey to the Crescent City to create memories that last a lifetime and weddings are no exception! With a culture unmatched, food unrivaled and festivals by the dozen, this city makes it easy to have an unforgettable wedding. So why wed in New Orleans? Why not! Whatever your desire, New Orleans can accommodate. Your only dilemma is when and where and we’re here to guide you to the best possible New Orleans wedding. 

Wedding Traditions

The Second Line

If you want a traditional New Orleans wedding, you want to hire a brass band for a Second Line Parade. It is a way of expressing the unique local flavor of the city. The Second Line is the parade of people following the musicians, who are called the “First Line”.

The sounds of the instruments (trumpet, tuba, trombone, sax, banjo and clarinet) are coupled with a snare and bass drum. A Grand Marshal will lead your wedding guests around a French Quarter block announcing and celebrating your event. These parades began back in the 19th century, with organizations advertising for burials and honoring the de- ceased all in one announcement. Many newlyweds can be seen with their umbrellas, white for the bride, black for the groom, and their guests holding handkerchiefs as they follow the band.

For more information on booking a second line band, CONTACT Stu at the Howlin’ Wolf, 504.522.9653.


COST $50.25
The Application for Parade Permit, paid for only by Cashier’s Check or Money Order.
Payable to the City of New Orleans.

COST $100.00/Per Officer needed for your escort, payable in cash due on the day of the wedding.
The parade route and size will determine the number of officers needed.

CONTACT Sergeant Walter Powers, Jr., 504.658.6201 or wpowers@nola.gov

New Orleans Cake Pulls

What do they mean?

Anchor ~ Hope
Airplane ~ Travel & Adventure
Penny ~ Poverty
Dime ~ Riches
Heart ~ True Love
Button or Thimble ~ Old Maid
Ring ~ Next to Marry
Baby ~ Next to have a Baby
Clover, Wishbone or Horseshoe ~ Good Luck
Rocking Chair ~ Long Life
Mirror ~ Happy Life
Wreath ~ Happy Home
Tree ~ Life of Financial Security
Fleur De Lis ~ Life of Prosperity & Happiness
High Heel ~ Fashionable Life
Book ~ Life Full of Knowledge
Read Bean ~ Luck
Shell ~ Eternal Beauty
Red Pepper ~ Red Hot Romance
Moon ~ Opportunity

Flowers Speak

Baby’s Breath ~ Innocence
Calla Lilly ~ Magnificent Beauty
Gardenia ~ Purity, Joy
Iris ~ Faith & Wisdom
Lily of the Valley ~ Happiness
Magnolia ~ Love of Nature
Orchid ~ Love, Beauty
Rose ~ Love, Joy & Beauty
Stephanotis ~ Marital Happiness
Tulip ~ Love, Passion


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